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Create your own skin for VLC media player


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VLC Media Player is a multimedia player that step by step has become a must have for most users all around the worl due to several reasons. One of the main reasons that have made VLC to be so successful is that it runs very well and it supports next to all multimedia formats, even files that are still downloading.

If you know it, you'll recognize its traffic cone logo at first sight. Now we offer you an interesting way to change the look of your favorite multimedia player.

VLC is very powerful, but we can also say that its interface is not the prettiest we have ever seen. Now it's time to change yours and make it to be a bit more cool.

Change the buttons, colors, position of the menus... Set the color you like the most to each part of the interface of VLC, just select the part of the interface from the list and choose a new color. It's easy.

The interface of VLC Skin Editor is very intuitive, although if you want to create a really good skin you'll need some time to change all parts.

If you like how VLC works, now you can change the way it looks.
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